By what you SMELL

The sniff test provides valuable information…

A baby that smells of baby powder is a pleasure to hold and cuddle, but one with a dirty nappy is quickly passed back to mom. If you are a parent you have probably done the sniff test. Most times it gives valuable information, which leads to decisive action.

Its interesting that we use terms like, ‘I smell a rat’ or ‘something smells fishy’ when we sense something is not quite sound with an opportunity or relationship. The sniff test best reveals things that are bad and not good for you.

The interesting thing about the sniff test is that it can be done from a distance and does not require any physical contact. It is a wonderful early warning / detection sense we all have. A bad smell should always initiate further examination. Failure to respond to a bad smell could result in you stepping into some deep poop.

Record some outcomes of decisions you have made based on good or bad ‘smells?’