By what you HEAR

What I listen to is what I hear…

If I told you not to think of a PINK ELEPHANT, what do you think of? The power of what we hear is incredible.

You just need to hear someone yawn, and somehow you feel the urge to yawn. Sit in earshot of someone gossiping while trying to hold a conversation with a friend and you may experience distraction. You can be humming a great tune, but let another song play on the radio and you quickly lose your rhythm. Someone reports a recession and people begin to reduce spending, which contributes to a recession. Hear someone say that you are no good at mathematics and you spend the rest of your life prefacing every mathematical challenge you face with the words ‘I am no good at mathematics.’

The greatest source of negative thinking is listening to or reading media reports. Change what you listen to.

What can you listen to that will allow you to hear what you want to hear?