By what you FEEL

What I touch is what I feel.

I remember, while in primary school, walking around the school grounds chanting the words, ‘sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.’ Back then I did not appreciate the significance of what I was saying.

Today, the power of words is increasingly evident. Yes, I have experienced physical pain, grazed knees, a bloody nose, burns, but these pains never lasted as long as the pain of rejection, disappointment, regret, unforgiveness, criticism, embarrassment, ridicule and more. What touches us can cause us to laugh or cry, become angry or celebrate, feel inadequate or full of self-confidence.

When someone throws water over you, they can only make you wet, they can never make you angry, that is entirely your choice. Choose to respond positively to the things that touch you.

What are the things that easily and repeatedly evoke a childlike response?