Create your Future

We are born to transform intangible thoughts into physical creations.

This very book that you hold in your hands was simply a thought brought about by a personal and later global need; an idea communicated through the spoken word, described in writing then acted upon with determination and passion.

In fact, everything that exists began in exactly the same way. Reading Genesis 1 will now reveal this very process to you; as applicable today as it was in the very beginning.

One morning in church I thought it would be a great idea to convert the bible into a mind map. I started with Genesis 1 and ended with Genesis 2. Not a great example of finishing, but what was revealed to me that morning was that the first chapter is clearly an action plan while the second chapter is the implementation of the plan.

Write your plan down then act on it, its biblical.

What methods and principles can you learn from the story of creation?