By what you SEE

What I look at is what I see.

I will never forget the day I lifted my open hand up in front of my face (at half an arms length) and felt the immediate contraction of my eye muscles which instinctively began to refocus my eyes on the fingers that now lay between me and the view I had been enjoying.

It seemed to be an automatic response to the presence of my hand, not the result of something I had chosen to look at. The beautiful view had, in an instant, faded away and my fingers had stolen my attention.

As I was being distracted by my fingers, I realized that the gaps between them were bigger than the fingers themselves. Shifting my attention to the gaps between my fingers I was able to regain my focus on the incredible view that lay ahead. Remarkably, my fingers seemed to melt away. I have since trained myself to focus on my destination not my situation.

What circumstances have you permitted to steal your focus?