We are born to OVERCOME

The perfect goal requires no backup plan.

Most people you know and interact with can walk successfully. My daughter was walking long before she could talk. In all likelihood, she considered the benefits of walking and decided it would be a good idea. She set the goal and succeeded.

The only plan she had was the one to walk. She did not have a ‘what if I don’t succeed’ plan B. Onlookers saw her stumbles and falls as failure, but for her every fall was an opportunity to learn how to do it differently next time.

Her first step was greeted with great applause; many heard the exciting news. Positive reinforcement was in abundant supply. She fell, bruised her knees, bumped her head, cut her lip, and grazed her elbows, but no obstacle, no pain; nothing kept her from getting up and working with her one and only plan A. If only we remembered how to set perfect goals.

What back up plan is keeping you from focusing on the best plan?