We are born to IMAGINE

The abnormal use or abuse of imagination is commonly referred to as WORRY.

Every child is born with the incredible gift of IMAGINATION. It does not matter where or in what circumstances they are born, imagination is strongly evident. Imagination seems most active and uninhibited in young children under the age of 12.

There seems to be no limitations to what they can visualize. It would appear that they move seamlessly between their real and imaginary worlds. There seems to be no barrier between the two.

During our teenage years we instinctively begin the next important step called visualization. Pictures adorn our bedroom walls, cupboard doors and even the ceiling. We know that imagination is responsible for every great idea, for every created thing. Sadly, at some point, when that ‘significant other’ plans to visit, our future is ripped off the wall, our dreams die.

If other people’s opinions were ignored, what pictures would be on your wall?