We are born to EXPLORE

On the blanket lie things already discovered, beyond the blanket lie new discoveries.

One Sunday morning I was sitting in Church listening to the morning message when one of the members sitting in the front row put their six month old son on the floor. A few moments later the youngster had crawled a few meters away and was heading towards the exit. The father dutifully got up and fetched his son and put him back at his feet.

Put a child on a blanket with some expensive toys and watch how they choose to rather leave the blanket and explore. They seem to have a natural desire to move beyond the boundaries, to break out of their box, to move beyond their comfort zone.

This instinctive behaviour is always met with opposition. The child will be brought back to the blanket and might even receive a reprimand for daring to move beyond its edges. The recipe for an unfulfilled life has been initiated.

When did you last dare to explore? What are you afraid of?