We are born to ASK

Every one is born to ask one question; WHY?

I have travelled extensively and met people of different cultures and backgrounds. One thing they have in common is the instinctive desire to ask the question WHY?

We think that children only ask this question when they begin to speak, but actually they start as soon as they are able to grab, bash or bite things close at hand. They are trying to establish why things exist.

When they begin to speak we hear the question they have been asking all along ‘WHY?’ Our well thought out answer; ‘BECAUSE.’ The persistent nagging for a better response ultimately leads to; ‘IF YOU EVER ASK ME THAT QUESTION AGAIN’

This threatening reply usually stops children asking this vital life question before they are 8 years old. Between 35 and 55 they ask again, not ‘WHY DO THINGS EXIST?’ but ‘WHY DO I EXIST?’

Why are you here? What have you come to deliver?