The power of words

Nothing happens until someone says something. Let there be…

When we open our mouths to speak the world hears our thoughts. A YES gives life while a NO brings death. Two short words whose power is easily understood and experienced. When a judge speaks the words GUILTY or NOT GUILTY, a person can be set free or condemned. The words I DO have the power to unite a man and woman for life.

LET THERE BE are three words key to the creation of all things, just as powerful today as they were when God spoke them. Thoughts on their own do not produce anything other than more thoughts. Thinking alone is unconverted potential, unrealized possibility, unfulfilled purpose, wasted energy. Speaking your thoughts releases potential, makes things possible, leads to fulfillment and cultivates enthusiasm.

Begin to speak your thoughts into reality and give them life.

What can you do today that will instantly begin to release your potential?