You are all Potential

Potential is the code of the true me yet to be revealed. 

The seed for a thousand forests lies in a single acorn. Now that is what I call potential; and you have it within you. You were created by an omnipotent (all potential) God who commissioned you to be fruitful and multiply (release your potential). Potential is packaged in a seed. The seed does not resemble the forest that it contains within, not in size or appearance. Its potential to produce a forest remains dormant within until it is placed in the right environment. The age of the seed does not destroy its potential. The seed has to die to being a seed in order to become a  fruit-bearing tree; it must be buried in dirt to reveal its true beauty. It may disappear from view for a period before it can reveal its true self. You have potential within waiting to be released. Let go of the seed and become the forest you were born to be.

What potential releasing environments have you been avoiding?