Dreams conceived are seed

Dreams conceived are just seeds with potential, nothing more.
Glen A. McQuirk

The greatest dreams you can have are the ones that appear when you are wide awake. A dream is often conceived when thoughts are initiated by our six senses. Dreams can be divinely or environmentally inspired. It is during these moments of interaction that a dream seed can be and often is conceived. Some seeds are weak and could even be weeds. However, in the midst of all the seed there are those that are unique and priceless. One’s that tend to ignite passion and fire in your heart. Dreams so exciting that you can’t wait to share them with someone. It is these seeds that we need to treasure and prepare for planting. As long as they remain hidden in our heart, they are merely potential, nothing more. Dreams remain in you until you plant them or someone plants you. Rob the grave of your dream; plant it now.

What dreams have you hidden in your heart? Do you plan to plant the