Seed must be planted

Seed is given in abundance to the diligent sower. Be a sower of seed.
Glen A. McQuirk

You might believe that a seed is simply a potential plant, and you would be right. A closer look might reveal that a seed is a potential harvest. The truth is far more reaching. One seed has the potential to vegetate the entire planet. That is mind blowing. To appreciate this fully, you need to think generationally. Sadly the majority of people are only interested in the here and now. They are unable to see the true value of the seed they possess. They choose instead to plant those which pop up quickly, like weeds, the get rich quick ideas, the ones with the least obstacles. The ones where God is not needed. The most valuable seeds you can plant are those that produce their best harvest after you are gone. These are seeds with life, these are seeds of purpose. The most natural thing to do with seed is to sow it. Sow yours.

What seed are you sowing?