Seeds can be kept

Seeds survive well in dark dry and barren environments.
Glen A. McQuirk

Recently I purchased some seed for my farming experiment. I bought many different types of seed. What I noticed was that each of the types came tightly sealed in their own packet made of foil. The purpose of the packet was to keep moisture and sunlight from the seed. Two of the four essential ingredients for its germination and growth. There is a strong parallel between these packets or containers and the vessel for dream seed. The vessels that carry seed are designed to be dark and void of all life, and anyone who has not planted their dream seed presents similar characteristics. When you look into their eyes, the windows to their soul, it appears that no one is home. They are dead on the inside just waiting for the outside to catch up. The great news is that the packet can be ripped open at any time. Expose your dream seed.

Open your packet and share a dream