Select the best seed

Choose the seed that will produce your chosen harvest.
Glen A. McQuirk

Every farmer knows and understands this principle. A seed produces after its own kind. Plant apple seed and you will grow apple trees. A child can tell you this. So the farmer first determines what crop he wishes to harvest and then sets out to find the seed that will produce that harvest. This is a principle. Every thing created has within it the seed to replicate itself. This physical principle is also present and evident as a spiritual law. Since dreams are spiritual in nature, this principle applies. To select the best seed for planting from that which you have conceived, you need to know what harvest you aim to reap. The choice is entirely yours, but fulfillment only comes when you choose the ones that resonate with your gifts, talents and passion and which meet a need in society. Every seed produces a harvest. Choose wisely.

What seed should you be planting daily to produce your chosen harvest?