Significant dream seed

Selfish seed feeds you. Successful seed feeds you and your family. Significant seed feeds the world.
Glen A. McQuirk

Most people seem to sow seed for selfish reasons. The seed they sow produces a harvest for survival, stability, and success. These harvests are minuscule when compared to those produced by seeds of significance. They are never given time to reproduce. There fruit is eaten by the sower before it can produce more seed. They are quick growing, plentiful and meet immediate and basic needs. Seeds of significance, on the other hand, require that the sower becomes others focused. These seeds take longer to produce their fruit, but when they do, the food is so plentiful that it not only feeds the sower and his family, but feeds many others. In fact there is so much fruit that much of it has opportunity to become seed and replicate after itself sustaining the sower for life and continuing to sustain others beyond his life.

Which seeds are you sowing for success and which for significance?