Focus your dream

F.O.C.U.S. = Follow One Course Until Success
Revealed to me by Romeo Chouake of Cameroon

Focus is powerful. Focus enables the lenses of my spectacles to clarify my vision and at the same time magnify the suns energy sufficiently to start a fire. Focus brings any subject matter into clear view. Many people use focus negatively. They think about what can go wrong and consequently deny their dream life. Instead, they could focus on what can go right and ignite a fire of passion within their dream that cannot be extinguished. Zig Ziglar says that to have the best that life has to offer we need to learn to say NO to a lot of good ideas. The biggest distractions in life are often these good ideas. They are the enemy of great. The enemy of best is the rest. “Focus on a pinhead” was Raymond Ackermann’s advice to me. Too often we are focused on a pincushion. Life is too short not to focus on the best it has to offer.

What do you tend to focus on and why?