Dream food

Thinking is the spiritual food that converts thought into something physical.
Glen A. McQuirk

You are what you think about. I am sure you have heard this being said before. The question is do you believe it. I mean, after all, how on earth can you really become what you think about? I have had many thoughts and by far the majority have never seen the light of day. Well, it’s not those fleeting thoughts that seem to pop in and out of the mind, it’s the ones we habitually think about and meditate on. It’s the ones that consume our mind day and night. If what we think about is who we are becoming, it would be worth stopping from time to time and consider what is dominating our thought life. If our thoughts are in line with our purpose and vision, then we should continue cultivating these thoughts; if not, we must replace them with thoughts that represent our chosen destiny. Everything begins with a thought.

What dominates your thought life?

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